Pandemic Episode

SPACE COMMAND – New Episode Made During The Pandemic!

From Marc Zicree –

Hi, guys, During this challenging time when we’re all under lockdown and striving to keep things on an even keel, I’ve been continuing with post and prep on Space Command, while also pitching the show to the networks (including the CW and Amazon), continuing work on the audio play prequel and graphic novel, and working on the Showrunners Network and my new book, Greenlighting Yourself.

Those of you who’ve been following my adventures for a while shouldn’t be surprised that I decided this wasn’t enough of a challenge, so I came up with something even crazier – to write, direct and shoot a new episode of Space Command during the Pandemic!

Original Video

Latest update Video

And not just that, but to take YOU along every step of the way!

The episode is called “Ripple Effect” and starts right after our two-hour pilot, “Redemption” and before “Forgiveness.”  But once the new episode begins, it will then reach across generations to give a totally new perspective on the Space Command saga.

Now obviously, we have to work within the guidelines of everyone keeping safe and healthy.  So Elaine and I are staying in our home and self-distancing from everyone else (except our imaginary playmates, of course).  So other than utilizing footage and VFX shots we already have in hand but haven’t yet used, this episode will consist of our actors shooting their scenes in their own homes with their own camera, sometimes with real backgrounds, sometimes with green screen.

Elaine and I have started writing the script and reaching out to our actors.  So far, the new episode will feature Nichelle Nichols, Michael Harney, Ethan McDowell and Bryan McClure.  But there will be many more to come.

So take the journey with us!  You can start by subscribing to Mr. Sci-Fi on YouTube.

Below are all the drafts we’ve written so far. You’ll be able to see how this project evolves in amazing detail – and feel like a real Hollywood Insider!

Download the original April 1st Script HERE

Download the April 2nd Revision HERE

Download the April 4th Revision HERE

Download the April 5th Revision HERE

Download the April 8th Revision HERE

Download the April 10th Revision HERE

Download the April 22nd Revision HERE

Download the April 24th Revision HERE

Download the April 27th Revision HERE

Download the April 28th Revision HERE

Download the May 13th Revision HERE

Download the May 25th Revision HERE

Our Worldwide Talent search for the role of Ella Essex is complete!

Neil deGrasse Tyson joins Space Command!

And now you can watch it here!