The Big Vision

Here’s the Big Vision moving forward…

In my perfect world, we would have multiple soundstages with standing sets, all shooting pretty much continuously, with sets being redressed and repurposed for maximum efficiency and utility.

Additionally, we would have ongoing in-house VFX and Art Department/Set Building and Redressing teams.

Initially, these would be for Space Command.  We would write and shoot the entire first season, cross-boarding it for greatest use.  We would have a minimum of company moves.  On our stages, we would have the following aesthetics and spaceships:

       1. Human – United Planets and Space Command.  Drawn from what we’ve built and acquired, endlessly moving the pieces around like Legos.

       2. Y’maa – Primarily Dor Neven’s ship, constructed from existing pieces and augmented with new pieces drawn from Carlos’ designs and blueprints.

       3. Psarra (Odin Sekander’s flagship) – Our current “Haunted House” Alien Ship set, augmented with additional pieces to accommodate Odin Sekander’s flagship in Great Solar War.

       4. Harvester – Essentially a black space with big image screens hanging in mid-air.

Beyond this, I’d very much like to see if we could use LA Valley College as multiple settings.  And I’d also like to find realistic sci-fi cities and landscapes from Deviant Art that have not been overused, that we could acquire for a minimal amount and add moving elements to (spaceships and so forth) to utilize as establishing shots.

We would shoot the entire rest of the first season over a period of two to three months in this way.

At the same time, we would be ramping up to shoot the other pilots of the Showrunners Network, beginning with Sweet Haven.

I’d like to try shooting with iPhones or other run and gun equipment, to see how cinema verité we could stylistically do things.  I think shooting a sample scene as a try-out would be a good idea.  Probably Mike Harney confronting his twin at the survivalist hideout.

We would continue to build the size of our audience and backers, and continue pursuing securing representation and selling of our series.

And so on and beyond…