Special Casting

We are launching a special world-wide open call casting for the role of The Prophet. We’ve had several roles in Space Command cast in world-wide talent searches. This could be your chance! To audition,  click one of the links below:


Stunt background is a plus, but not required.


AGE RANGE:  18 to early twenties, but can appear younger.


SEX AND ETHNICITY:  Female, any race or ethnicity.


RATE:  Standard SAG New Media rates.


DATES OF SHOOTING:  Late May/early June.


THE PROPHET (“Sparrow”) is founder and head of the Children of Job, a religious group based on Mercury in the Iron City, with enclaves throughout the solar system, which believes in meditation, hard work and forgiveness – that anybody, no matter their past, is capable of change and redemption.  She projects an ethereal quality, innocence (but not naivete), intelligence, infinite compassion, and an unbreakable strength and conviction.

PROJECT SYNOPSIS: Episodes Three and Four of the Space Command series. Captain Jack

Kemmer and the crew of the Paladin are summoned to aid in discovering what has become of

the Prophet and 300 Pilgrims she was escorting to Mercury. Tracking them, our heroes

discover they have been kidnapped by an alien race and put into hibernation aboard their ship

to serve as hosts for a parasitic life form. Captain Kemmer and The Prophet have to find a way

to save her followers… even if it means their own deaths.


PROJECT DETAILS: Written, directed and produced by famed Star Trek writer Marc Zicree and

Elaine Zicree, Space Command is a new series presenting a hopeful vision of the future. It stars

Doug Jones, Mira Furlan, Robert Picardo, Bill Mumy, Bruce Boxleitner and Michael Harney.


USAGE/RUN: Web series.


FOR MORE INFO: You can watch the first episode of Space Command on You Tube

(All Concept Art by Ian McCaig, Concept Artist for Queen Amidala and Darth Maul on Star Wars: Episode 1)